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Multiple Personalities Don’t Have to be a Disorder

Personas can be defined as:


By selecting the characteristics that are most representative of those groups, you can pinpoint your audience and direct them to where you want them to go on your website. Divide them into profiles of real life people and design your brand to appeal to those people with certain personality types.

Types of Personas:
The Blah Persona

The blah persona is a big dose of indifferent in your business. Like a Timely Tom, they are consumers who may buy quickly but never return, “like” a Facebook status and then forget about you, or just flake out on opportunities you provide. Overall they are a poor match for your brand and should be avoided. The more time you spend trying to appeal to this persona’s likes, the more time you’ve wasted at securing a reliable target market.

The Dismissible Persona

These are the least desirable personas. They can be named the Mean Marys – difficult to communicate with, wishy washy with what they want, and horrible at paying on time. To better your business you must take action now to exclude this audience. Start by creating a campaign that caters solely to your ideal personas, inevitably weeding out those not up to snuff.

The Ideal Persona 

The ideal persona is your perfect marketplace match. They are loyal and consistent consumers who recommend your work to others. They are your Loyal Lenords, who are receptive and happy with your work.

As a standard rule, identify only 5 focal personas. If you try to take on too many, you’ll spread your marketing dollars too thin instead of going after your key prospects in the most effective way.

Now What?

Now that you know which personas to avoid and which to pursue, it’s time to build your marketing campaign. You’ve already created a blueprint by pinpointing who your market is now, who it might be someday, and who it should never be. 

When developing your target market take into consideration:

  • What your prospect’s personas are – age, job, ethnicity, salary, married, children, lifestyle, etc.
  • What they want – self-image, personality, beliefs, goals, values, etc.
  • How they interact with your organization and other businesses
  • What might make this interaction happen or not happen

Another way to help you build a deeper understanding of your ideal client would be to use the Bar Conversation Technique developed by John Carlton.  This method is incredibly easy and effective. Rather than describing your ideal client, you write down the conversation you think they’d have with a bartender after a tough day to express their problems. This method reveals exactly what your client’s big issue is in casual language versus stiff formal talk. 

Get moving marketers, it’s time to start your research engines!


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